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Frequently Asked Questions About Painting Your Home

Is Kansas City Painters licensed and insured?

Kansas City Painters is a licensed, insured, and bonded painting company. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions about our Kansas City painting company, or you need us to send our licensing and insurance documentation.

Will we need to hire our own designer or does your painting company provide the service?

We offer expert color consultations with our experienced designers. We can help you with color selection, designer advice, and painting ideas for your interior or exterior painting projects.

Do you offer wallpaper removal with your interior painting service?

Yes, we can remove old wallpaper if we are providing interior painting service for your Kansas City area home or commercial building. We can also fix minor drywall and woodwork damage.

How long should I wait for the wall paint to dry before touching it?

How long to wait for the wall paint to dry before touching it depends on several things. The things that will make a difference include how thick the paint is applied, the air temperature, and what type of paint is used. Our painting contractor will be happy to tell you how long the paint will take to dry if you ask at the time of service.

Varnish and lacquer take longer to dry. This type of paint is generally used for doors, metal, or trim. It's best to wait at least 3 days before walking on a varnished surface and at least 2 days before touching vertical surfaces. Varnish and lacquer take much longer to dry in humid environments.

The indoor or outdoor temperature will make a difference in how fast acrylic wall paint dries. We recommend you wait about 3 hours before touching acrylic wall paint to be sure the finish won't get damaged.

Do you do faux painting?

Yes! We offer faux painting and texturing as well as epoxy floor coatings.

Do you pressure wash before exterior painting?

Yes, we offer pressure washing service with our exterior painting service to ensure that the surface is clean and ready to accept the paint. Many homes need to be pressure washed before the exterior painting so that the new paint will stick to the surface properly. Otherwise, the paint could bubble or peel within a very short time.

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