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Attic remodel Attic remodeled Banister finished Banister remodel Banister repaint Bathroom1 Bathroom2 Crew at work Chandalier Ceiling remodel Ceiling painting Ceiling1 Bathroom cabinets Bedroom Custom cabinets Deck Drywall priming Finished handrail Fireplace Fireplace and mantel Fireplace in living room Halway remodeling Hallway remodeled Hallway remodel Hallway finished Hallway finished (2) Hallway Fixing ceiling Handrail Handrail finished House remode Kitchen cabinets1 Kitchen cabinets2 Kitchen finished Kitchen redo Kitchen work in progress Kitchen wood cabinets Kitchen remodeling Kitchen remodel Kitchen remodel (3) Kitchen remodel (2) Living room (2) Living room Living room starting project Living room work in progress Painting finished Painting halway Remodeling Stairs remodel Stairs finished Staircase remodel Staircase2 Staircase1 Residential exterior Remodel interior Wall finished Wall painting Work in progress Work in progress living room

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Interior Painting Mistakes

It's really easy to get into a rush when you're painting your home's interior. The problem with rushing is that it's all too easy to make mistakes. Sure, the results may end up looking “okay” but who […]

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Exterior Painting Tips

Exterior painting is an affordable solution to make a rental house look attractive from the curb. Whether you own or manage a rental home in Kansas City, you know that you want it to look nice enough […]

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